Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Kick all Gays out of the Church

Seriously, every single one of them. Yes, all of them.


Ok, let me explain.

Christmas for most people is all about spending time with family. Yes, we spend too much money on presents, stick up decorations and drink too much but we still travel the length and breadth of the World to see our families.

But it's also about celebrating the birth of Christ. Jaazusss...not him again! Except here's the problem, being part of a Catholic congregation is something we are born into. We don't really have a choice and then it's part of our identity and who we are. I was on a church choir for seven years and really enjoyed it, it was my way to feel part of the weekly celebration.

Then, shock horror,you realise you are gay and you come to terms with the fact you have to leave behind a huge part of your identity. For some people it's something that's really hard to do, but to be true to yourself and be the person you need to be you just have to do it. Some people can “marry” both parts of who they are, but for most it's really hard especially when Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are ready to preach how wrong and evil you are.

Normally, your parish priest, congregration & community support you in times of trouble & loss but this is one time not only do they refuse to help and support, the church actually make it worse. For someone with a strong faith, losing such a huge part of who you are can leave you feeling more isolated and alone than you already are. And this is made worse if you live in a small rural Irish village. And it gets worse when you have the parents that throw their children out of the family home when they come out. Wow, now that's a Christian thing to do. Just imagine you are 16 years of age, thrown out of your home, nowhere no live and it's Christmas. Thankfully there are places like Outhouse that provide services and organise events for those who have been abandoned by their family and church.  

Eamon Martin and the Gays

Nevermind that prick Eamon Martin, the Primate (i.e. Leading monkey of the Catholic church in Ireland) has the audacity to say he feels a “Bereavement”, and that gay marriage “is a defeat for humanity”. Cop on to yourself. If you and your buddies weren't so busy attacking people who just happen to love someone of the same gender you might instead try to help heal the rift.  He should look in his own back yard first...

(photo source http://seminary.maynoothcollege.ie) 

Did you see the Seminary in Maynooth is in trouble again – (no, not the trainee priests all on Grindr), check this out - https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/article34930984.ece.

Ironically, the best thing ever might be for your church to throw you out because then you are free to be who you are. Hopefully, the Catholic church is on it's knees (rather than the alter boys). So, where am I going with all of this! It's a long tale of woe for LGBT people in Ireland who were baptised into the Christian faith and then they are cast out just like Lot. 

I'm asking that the church now throws out all gays, including ALL of the gay priests. There are quite a few gay priests in Ireland and if all of them were thrown out, coupled with the all-time lowest figures of boys entering seminary this would finally ring the death knell for the Irish Catholic church.


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