Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Fixing Broken images in Blogger

So, since I’ve started blogging, pictures previously working have stopped loading and are showing the broken image icon, like this:

Icon for broken images or pictures

Initially I thought it might be happening because files might have became corrupted, went missing or the wrong file-type so I re-uploading all my images to my blogger account and deleted the old ones.  I then edited my posts and inserted the newly uploaded images.  This didn’t work.

So, I Googled the problem with mixed suggestions, none of the solutions sounded easy or plausible to me.

I then went to the Blogger Help Forum and found I wasn’t the only person with the problem and the Blogger team gives a variety of solutions (link at end), I tried a few & found this the easiest solution...Don’t be scared.  It looked complicated but was okay.

1. Edit your post and change the view to html (red circle)...

Change edit in Blogger to HTML format

2. You will see loads of scary code but don’t worry (honest).  Hit CTRL & F and look for 1.bp.blogspot, 2.b.blogspot or 4.bp.blogspot.  You will find one at the start & one at the end of the code for your picture.

Change edit in Blogger to HTML format

3. Change the number 1,2 or 4 to number 3.

4. Update your blog and hey-presto

Link to other solutions...

Hope this helps

John “The Captain” Ryan


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