Thursday, 16 November 2017

Networking Tools (Thing 10)

This task was to set-up and use either Facebook or Twitter.

I have both accounts, however my Facebook account is more for family and friends with strict privacy settings so I decided to use Twitter for this task.

My Twitter can be found here -

I changed my banner picture to one of my own taken of Wexford Quay front and my avatar picture (i.e. profile picture) is the same as my blog.  My personal details are similar to both my blog and my Facebook account.  I am a complete novice to Twitter so I want to learn more about it, I’m hoping that further tasks will delve a little more into the use of Twitter.  I know that it is possible to link all your platforms so posts will go out across all of them but have no idea how it’s done. 

I followed most of the suggested Twitter pages.  I already follow quite a few people and organisation, one of my favourite is , an awesome graphic artist with several novels under his belt.  I grew up with him; he was always an avid fan of Transformers (Robots in Disguise) and ended up drawing Transformers for a living, isn’t that awesome.  Read more about him here.

For my thing 10 task I sent the following tweet to Rudai23

Thing 10 Tweet #Rudai23

It's so much easier now that you can use 280 characters but I wonder will this result in the instantaneous nature of Twitter being lost. Anyway, hopefully it worked and Rudai23 got my message..


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