Thursday, 23 November 2017

Al Porter “Grab ‘em by the ...”

Grab them by the pussy and grab them by the balls

Firstly, I will point out that you are innocent until proven guilty but in the meantime shut your pie-hole.

Al Porter - Shut your pie-hole
From Donald Trump’s playbook, Porter excuses his behaviour as being “light-hearted and good-natured”. Sure why not grab them by the pu55y balls whilst you are at it...Oh, hang on, allegedly that’s what you did.

Al Porter Tweet

He has done so much damage to the gay community; he equates his mannerisms (and those of other flamboyant gays) to sexual harassment and assault.  Yes, we won the right in Ireland to get married in 2015 but the bigots, homophobes, racists and sexual predators haven’t gone away. Some of the accusations (and stereotypes) are still out there, the worst of course being that all gays are pedophiles.  Now we have Al Porter equating being outrageous and flamboyant to alleged sexual harassment and assault.

So, here we are, the flamboyant gays of Ireland, dealing with all the bullying, harassment and crap on a daily basis from homophobes and now we have to deal with stereotypes, promulgated by the likes of Al “Grab them by the balls” Porter that our mannerisms will be mistaken for sexual misconduct.  Really!  

It’s pure tripe and the likes of Al Porter should know better.  But then again, I suppose if you are the type of person – just like Trump – to tweet your defense and mealy mouthed apology maybe you are that stupid.  Rest assured, he has done the LGBT community no favours.  For those who still don’t understand what goes on in society, check the ven diagram below.

ven diagram, society

Grey        All people on the planet
Yellow     LGBTQIA
Red          Pedophiles
Blue         Other Sexual misconduct

There are of course some Crossovers

Green          LGBTQIA & sexual misconduct
Orange        LGBTQIA & Paedo’s
Purple         Paedo’s & sexual misconduct
White          All 3.

So, whilst it’s time to speak out against all types of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault, it’s also time to call out mealy-mouthed stupid non-apologies for what they are and to demand more from celebrities.  MEANWHILE just keep your pie-hole shut & say NO COMMENT.  Let the matter me investigated and if innocent try to rebuild your career.  Don’t be giving me shite that it’s how you act as part of your public persona is to blame.  Cop-on, shut-up and keep your hands to yourself. 

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