Monday, 16 October 2017

Tintern Abbey Exhibition

(Thing 7 - part 2 of 2, see methodology here)

Tintern Abbey, Wexford.

Tintern Abbey, Wexford
(Source - Flickr - Photo by Stewart Black - CC BY - further info)

The Cistercian Abbey of Tintern Minor in Co. Wexford was established over 800 years ago so tracing any documents about it's foundation, is, as you would imagine difficult.  The original charter is based in the UK but this amazing find was unearthed in the depths of the Wexford County Library Local Collection and is the only catalogued copy of this document in Ireland.

Tintern Abbey, Wexford

Tintern Abbey, Wexford

Tintern Abbey, Wexford

Tintern Abbey, Wexford

Tintern Abbey, Wexford

For a short how-to video on finding and downloading available material in Wexford County Council Public Library Service digital archive watch this: 

Tintern Abbey is a wonderful place with beautiful grounds and I would urge everyone to pay it a visit.  Here is a photo taken there...

Tintern Abbey in Wexford covered in snow

(Photo by Marek Czerwinski - CC BY SA- more info here)

The scanned document above and many more fascinating items in the local collection can be viewed by making an appointment with Susan Kelly (Local Collections Librarian).  The Library Archive also houses some amazing material, appointments can be made with the County Archivist Grainne Doran to view some of these items.  Contact both through Library Management Services:

Wexford Library Management Services
Co. Hall,
Y35 WY93
Tel: +353 53 919 6561


John "The Captain" Ryan



  1. Well done John, a very nice exhibition and I am sure you will do many more.

  2. Thanks Michelle, I'm having problems with images not showing, I've contacted the blogger help forum for advice.

  3. This is great. The images look really well, and display in a nice lightbox AND you checked your copyright. Well done sorting the image problem and getting a video in there too.

    1. Thanks Foggy...solving the image problem was the most satisfying.


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