Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Online Exhibition - Methodology (Thing 7 - Part 1 of 2)

This is a lesson I have been looking forward to do, I’m the only member of staff that has been working on creating new content for our on-line archive which is here

A lot of the existing content was copied over from Hyperion which was our previous DAMS – Digital Archive Management System.  Most of the issues we have been asked to consider for this lesson have already been resolved in Wexford.  Between our Archivist – Grainne Doran and our Local Collections Librarian – Susan Kelly they look after both the hard-copy and digital-copy of our material and since the funding/resource restrictions are finally lifting they are developing programs to make more of our collections available.

I was also part of the team creating content for the World War 1 archive on the Europeana Collections website when we took photos of objects, photos of the people telling the stories of their family members that took part in the war (as they now became part of the narrative), scanned documents provided and recorded Oral History interviews.  This material can be found on the Europeana website.

Whilst fulfilling a request to source material I found a document about Tintern Abbey.  It is theonly catalogued copy in the country (on Sierra anyway) so I’ve decided to create a digital copy.  However, our existing DAMS – Vital – is currently being assessed as to how we are going to continue using it, where our data will be stored and how it’s being paid for.  This means adding new material is on hold. 

So I am going to create a Tintern Abbey Exhibition and

1. Create an online exhibition showcasing this document and a few other photos of the site.  

2. I wanted to create the document in PDF so the text will be searchable just like all other documents containing text available in VITAL but had problems embedding the file after uploading it to my Google Drive so I scanned the document and created images.  

3. I double checked with our Local Collections Librarian as to what documents were free from copyright

4. Create a screen-cast video on finding and accessing other documents on VITAL

5. My Exhibition is here

John “The Captain” Ryan


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