Friday, 2 February 2018

Summary of Scrabble Blogs

I’ve really enjoyed blogging about Scrabble, here is what I’ve covered so far.

Scrabble Blogs

To start with here are the basic rules which I published on 1st December 2017 

Then here are some alternative rules and variations published on 18th December 2017 which will help new comers and families especially with playing quicker games.

Here’s some information on why Scrabble is great for literacy skills (30th November 2017). if you are a teacher or a staff member in a library, Scrabble is a great game to aid literacy skills. 

On the previous blog there is a list of clubs in Ireland, if there is not a club near you check here for details on starting a club. You can also email me for information on starting a club on (7th December 2017)

And finally, a dog is for life and so is Scrabble so here is an awesome list of words allowed in Scrabble that are breeds of dog that I of course published before Christmas on 4th December 2017 

In the New Year, I started thinking about new comers to the game so published a blog on allowed 2 letter words on 4th January 2018 

Then I explained hooks and gave a nice list of hooks to print out on 10th January 2018, hint - it's nothing to do with fishing.

And then in the final trilogy of blogs for new players I spoke about rack balance here on 22nd January 2018.

Lastly on 31st January 2018 I blogged about never giving up when things look back and demonstrated a recent game at a tournament.

All the word lists I’ve made up are free to print and share, please credit me and/or quote a link to my blog

A dog is for life and so is Scrabble


John The Captain Ryan

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