Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Judging a Creative Writing Competition.

Over the next few weeks I will be one of five people judging the entries to the Wexworlds creative writing competition. All details of the competition are HERE. I've come up with the following guideline to help all of us to short list the entries:

1. Each entry will be read by at least two judges

2. Each entry will be marked out of 100 points as follows:

Completeness – (Marks out of 30 points).
IS the story complete, does it have a beginning, middle and end. Does the punctuation, paragraph spacing and spelling help the story flow and enhance the clarity, meaning and movement of the piece.

Originality and Style – (Marks out of 30 points).
DOES the story have a unique style and is it original. Does it have a fresh point of view and is it a page turner. Is it descriptive. As it is a short story, choice and economy of words is very important so are the choices made precise and evocative. 

Realness and Impact – (Marks out of 30 points).
AS a work of fantasy/sci-fi/horror, is there a realness. Does the reader get sucked into the World that the author has created. What is the lasting impression of the story, Does the language create a rich or broad sensory appeal.

The X Factor – (Marks out of 10 points).
This is where the judge has free reign to award extra points for a special or amazing submission.

Judges after marking take notes to remind themselves of the submission. Judges will not know who else will read the submission and how the other judge will mark until all submissions have been read and they compare notes. We have started reading already even though the closing date is not until 31st July 2018. We are expecting to receive over 100 submissions and are really exciting to see what will be on offer.

Find out more about Wexworlds on their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK and any queries email

John The Captain Ryan

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