Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Noah Can’t Even by Simon James Green (Book Review)

Skittles and Haribo will solve all problems.

This is a hilarious book, following the exploits of Noah Grimes (absolutely no resemblance to Rick & Carl Grimes), his father abandoned him and his mother, his mother embarrasses him at every opportunity, especially with her Beyonce tribute act, school is horrible, his best friend Harry just kissed him and his shoulder to cry on – his Nan – is losing her mind.

He actually reminds me of myself because he worries about everything, is always trying to figure out how to be just a little less unpopular, and he hated PE, just like me.

This book is witty, fun, fast paced with enough intrigue to keep you turning the pages. Really, that’s not a cliché; I read the book in about 36 hours. (I’m reading When everything feels like the movies by Raziel Reid at the moment and it’s not nearly as compelling). The author Simon James Green is a very talented person, he has written for TV, worked back stage on the Westend and you can just imagine Noah trouping out on stage in an Agatha Christie production. Green claims the book is somewhat biographical and his writing style of short sharp sentences, manic train of thought and a book that just flows so quickly is a joy to read.

With great news last summer (2017) that Noah Can’t Even might be bound for the big screen, hopefully following in the footsteps of Love Simon which is being released in March 2018, I hope this book stays on recommended LGBT reading lists for many years to come.

There is a sequel due this summer – Noah Could Never – and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I definitely have no hesitation in recommending this young adult book, to both young adults and old adults, it’s a gem, easy and fun to read. (There are a few suggestions to s-e-x but as Noah is even afraid to say the word, there's nothing it it that teens shouldn't read). I give Noah Can’t Even a 10 out of 10 planets. 

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