Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas has arrived in work

It's been a mad year and December has flown by, normally I have my shopping done before the end of November and the decorations go up the first week of December.  

This year none of that is done but work has helped to get me in the Christmas mood this week.   We had a fundraiser for a great local charity, Wexford Marine Watch who patrol the quays of Wexford, they talk to people who might be considering harming themselves, help people who have fallen over the bridge/quay front and offer first aid during events on the quay front.  Since their establishment in 2012 with the specific aim of reducing the numbers of people dying through suicide, NOBODY HAS LOST THEIR LIFE through self harm on the quays/bridge so they are a huge success.  Today in work we all wore Christmas jumpers and collected money for this great group of volunteers.  Here's my contribution

For the last few years the Environment Section in Wexford County Council has had a competition in all the schools for classes to create art/craft using recycled old material. Some of the creations are fantastic, here are my favourites...

Santa made from bottle tops

Tree made from forks

Christmas carollers, I Can Sing

Carousel made from a variety of materials

One of the best, taking into the whole theme of recycling and being environmentally friendly, 
Santa's Solar Sleigh.

For those who have never seen the public space of our building this is what it looks like 

With loads of space for exhibitions and events 

If that doesn't get you into the Christmas spirit well baa humbug to you.

Happy Christmas and have a great 2018

John The Captain Ryan

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